The Coming Cataclysms. Relations between People. Revival of Humanity


The Truth is One for Everyone. Episode topic: The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness. Unique conversation with Igor Danilov

In the program release the following subjects are discussed: the importance of unification between people prior to the forthcoming events, particularities of relations between people in society and in family, causes and solution of conflicts; freedom of choice and mutual respect; exploration of oneself and observation of illusionary games of consciousness. Why is it impossible to perceive the spiritual world through consciousness? What is spiritual egoism? What is true Love? What does the paradox of life consist in? Particularities of human spiritual emergence, and how to focus attention on and live in the spiritual world. These and many other topics are addressed in The Truth is One for Everyone programme.


Sincere Dialogue about the Most Important


Are you getting lost in conventional religious literature? Feeling that there is something beyond the script? Do you have the inner call of explorer? Explorer of yourself and world around you?

Sick of politics, criminal and financial news? Discover an absolutely different, mild and friendly atmosphere of open eyes and cherish smiles whilst talking about the human and its role.

This video is a frank discussion about the real truth outside and around our commonly known being. It is based on questions from the regular people. You may find the answer on yours. Or may discover way more.

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Global science is getting deeper and deeper in revealing the structure of this Universe and our, human’s, place in it. Eventually, science will get to the initial source of energy. It will prove the dualism of this world. One day…

There is an opportunity to get such answers or prompts to them at this moment. Right here, right now. It is not a contradiction or a “new” philosophy. It is the enhancement of currently known information about the life-cycle of energy. And even more – what the person can expect and may achieve through the course of his life.

The most important part in this video is an absolutely unique gift given to all people seeking themselves, the real ones. This video can be a first impressive path toward the real development of your inner Personality. For good, for Love, in the name of God to Eternity.

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As a continuation of the previous discussions (SENSE OF LIFE IS IMMORTALITY), this video clearly tells the current state of the world and its closest opportunities. It also provides a religious-free explanation of the God, Holy Spirit and a human whilst using the official quotes from all known religious books in addition to the real true knowledge which was hidden over millenniums.

Everyone has a unique right of Choice. It is the rule. So, using this Choice, shall we waste it on mundane desires? Or we may develop a better world, starting from ourselves, personally?

This video provides a lot of honest statements with the detailed explanation of how it works. This is a rear opportunity to deepen your knowledge about the invisible world, power and energy circulating around and giving the rise to all actions in the Universe. And the real tools how to use it.


Who benefits from the world conflict?
Or ALLATRA IPM refers to dignity, freedom and human rights.