The latest developments in the world – world economic crisis and geopolitical changes – set thinking every person about the cause of their origin. Putting together fragments of news in a joint mosaic of the on-going process, one may come to a conclusion that behind all this disorder and rapid changes, storming in the life of almost every person, there are powers, certain people, who possess the largest share of the world capital and whose names are not public. However, it is them who are the ‘puppeteers’ of the world billionaires. It is they who decided to provoke activities in the world aimed at destruction of the largest part of human population on the planet in a difficult period for humanity of global climate changes on the Earth. What powers are they and what their plans are, history of their existence, their methods and approaches of manipulating the masses of people – this information is accessibly presented in the books by Anastasia Novykh. Fiction style of these books enables clever people to realize much more than it is written there, to see globally and correlate scattered information, to find the key of decision, by matching with the events occurring around, and supplementing it with new data. The ‘world elite’ is merely a tiny group of people if compared to the humanity. They are only able to plan. However, implementation of their plans depends purely on the masses of people, on a personal choice of every individual. The choice is made on the basis of integral information. The future now is in hands of every human!

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