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Conversation with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

This video contains answers to many questions about the invisible world that every person is in contact with in their daily life.

What do people not see? Whom do they feed with their attention and negative emotions? The forbidden topic in science – subtle material beings: skyfish, plasmoids, shadows, incubuses (incubi and succubi), subpersonalities. The truth about lucid dreams, exorcism (eviction of evil spirits) and its consequences. About the realities of the afterdeath fate. Eyewitness stories of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. Valuable practical advice on what to do in such situations and how to protect oneself from otherworldly interference.

Freedom of Personality against the dictatorship of consciousness. The spiritual path, stages of formation. Questions and answers. And much more in THE INVISIBLE WORLD programme.

Comment by the participant of The Invisible World programme Tatiana Zinchenko, a practicing psychologist, psychotherapist, Ph.D. in psychological sciences, rehabilitation expert, member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League of the European Association for Psychotherapy:

“In this programme, there was mentioned a lot of valuable information about working with people who are in different states that cannot be explained by modern psychotherapy and psychiatry. Igor Mikhailovich gave very important knowledge of the essence of unexplored phenomena, their causes and effects. These are not just tips, but whole trends of science development, where to go, what to study, what to explore, that is, for it to be a real help to people. Well, this is as for an expert.

And, of course, there’s a lot for one’s own spiritual development. Especially there is a point today, it has somehow resonated with sincerity – sincere Love. It’s been like a common thread running through the entire conversation. That it’s very important to be sincere in one’s striving, to be sincere in one’s motives, in one’s goals. After all, it’s being constantly substituted by consciousness. And even sometimes it seems to a person that in order to get rid of some obsessive thoughts or something else he performs a spiritual practice. But, if he does this “in order to get rid of”, there is no longer this purity, this sincerity, this Love. Because, when a person is in sincere Love, he doesn’t have this point – “in order to”. He is doing this for no reason, he himself is Love, he has no other goals. This is a self-sufficient state. And that it’s very, very important. For me, this is some kind of an emphasis, and apparently there was my own omission in this regard. That’s why this conversation is very important to me, it’s just refreshing, like a breath of fresh air.

A lot of interesting questions were voiced by the audience. And I understood that it was important for me, too. We are as if a single organism, and we are all in one such a common process, although at different stages, but it’s like puzzle pieces fitting together when different people share their experiences, ask questions from the perspective of their experience. And this is, indeed, such a fruitful communication, incredibly fruitful. Well, not to mention the fact that the conversation was filling everyone with the brightest real feelings of joy, happiness, Love. Thanks a lot to everyone, to each and everyone who participated, who asked questions, who didn’t ask questions, who organized this, and special thanks to Igor Mikhailovich for sharing his experience and knowledge. Many thanks!”

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